Steven Repka: 
Guitarist of the Dubb Agents,
Writer and Thinker
Steven Repka is the guitarist & vocalist in The DUBB AGENTS, the NYC-based "punky reggae ska dub band." The Dubb Agents perform as the backing crew for H.R. (of Bad Brains) with D.I.A. (Diverse Intensified Audio) & Global Rock Showcase ( 
The Dubb Agent's album "Out Front" - coming soon!

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Steven Repka (aka "Rep") has a heavy psychedelic rock sound from 60’s-70’s influences like T. Rex, Cream, The Doors, Bob Dylan & Jimi Hendrix. The Dubb Agents have an expansive range of compositional styles from hard rock to ska/punk/reggae (& everything in between), inspired by artists like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bad Brains, The Clash & Sublime. Steven experiments with extended improvisation with exotic modes & scales as well as unusual time signatures influenced by prog rock, heavy metal and jazz fusion. Their musical direction thus emerged from the concept of incorporating different genres & playing styles to create an entirely new & unique sound.

Artwork by PITWAH Productions (
Above: The Dubb Agents (Steven Repka, 'Mysta Lu' and 'P-Rob') representin' the Global Rock Showcase at Bowery Electric 12/29/17. Photos by Greg Cristman,